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How to hire a web designer or developer

Contact & commissioning

If you're interested in what we do why not drop us a line and we will come visit you to discuss the options you have when commissioning us for your new web site project.

The commission process

  1. Initial meeting to discuss project
  2. Draft outline and no obligation quote
  3. Technical draft if required (programming requirements & database architecture)
  4. Draft designs for approval
  5. Wireframe build and client approval
  6. Pre-live testing including load testing and soaking (a process that puts the site under stress)
  7. Approval & launch

In most cases we require payment 50% payment upfront and 50% on completion but on longer more expensive projects we can negotiate the terms accordingly.

CALL US: +44 (0)1202 683 623

E-MAIL US: sales@cirruswebdesign.co.uk

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