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Cirrus to offer professional video for clients

Cirrus to offer professional video for clientsIn a world dominated by media how do you stand out from the crowd online? These days video and multimedia presentation is the way forward offering your client a complete film of the product or service you're offering.

Online presentations are also big business with the worlds largest web sites offering a video meet the team service which gives the potential client a chance to meet the personalities of the business before contracting.

Most web sites at present give the user a slide show. These are often bulky and slow to load and give the user a static experience but imagine the power of video commentated with your sales pitch. the power of marketing can be unleashed with multimedia video.

John Gurd Filmmaker

At Cirrus we thought long and hard about how to promote our clients better and the solution came in the form of Mr John Gurd. Based in Weymouth Dorset John has worked for the BBC, ITV and the Independent Press plus many more and as a professional filmmaker John can offer our clients a truly extra special user experience with professionally shot video.

Web sites have size constraints - load too many images the page slows down. The page slows down the ranking is reduced and the vicious circle begins. That's where video comes into its own by presenting thousands of images, commentary and much more besides. The value is visitor retention - a sticky site is a selling site. 

Video is hosted on YouTube and embedded in the client web site by us which means your company video is not only listed on the worlds largest media platform but also shared on your own web site.

Interested? Give us a call today about having your video on your web site.


Published: Wednesday 15th February 2017