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Dippy on Tour 2018

During 2017 the Dorset County Museum contracted us to provide web support for the new website and the forthcoming Dippy on Tour event (February 10th 2018 until May 8th 2018).

The focus was to a bespoke ticketing system powered through a bespoke CMS content manager allowing the museum to run the show independently. We provided a bespoke event and entry ticketing system, a schools booking calendar system via their education department and various other services internally culminating in taking their visitor numbers up 40% in the first few months.

The Dippy on Tour event

The tour hit the Dorset County Museum on 10th February 2018 and visitor numbers to the web site surpassed 25,000 people per day. Given that the former site averaged 200 to 800 hits per day this was a huge increase and we are happy to report that our systems run error free throughout.

The event lasts until May 8th so book your ticket early by visiting the museum web site...

Click here to visit the web site.

All images used are copyright to either the Dorset County Museum or the Natural History Museum London

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