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What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Friendly - put simply - search engines like your web site and it is assembled in such a way as to allow the search engine spiders to navigate your web site and source information allowing them to rank you with a position within it's search engine - SEO.

All too often people confuse SEO with marketing but they really are two entirely different beasts. Good SEO is simply the foundation to build your search engine marketing campaign and nothing more.

Factors effecting SEO

In fact the list can get quite long! 

These days almost every web site has a slide show but do they really need it and do you actually sit and wait for the slides to end? Suppose a web site home page has 4 slides. Each slide is about the full width of the browser. That's about 500K size each. That's 2 megabyte to download to your client computer BEFORE they can use your web site! Now add to it the rotating, spinning, expanding effects and you have a very active page, very annoying and poor SEO as all of this so called "Above fold content" has to load BEFORE your visitor sees anything and given the average wait of most users is about 3 to 6 seconds your potential customer is long gone before you've even said hello!

Beware the plugin

Today's Wordpress, Joomla offer a whole plethora of plugin effects and WYSIWYG effects but they should be used very sparingly and very wisely. They may impress you but they simply serve as a barrier between your business and potential clients who are looking for information about you and have little of no interest in sitting to watch a slide show for no real reason.

Does your web site look like this? Leave the plugins alone!!!

It would seem of late that most web site owners have forgot that usability is a very real thing and instead have opted for a range of daft effects of no use to anyone.

Simplicity is the key to success

Good web design negates the need to start popping and spinning things all over the page. Good design delivers quality content fast and in a non- annoying and easy to use way.

There is nothing wrong with a slide show but make it one that has a use not just a series of massive images that mean nothing to the user. An example is E-commerce where the slide showcases the top products or new products - that's useful isn't it?

Just because you CAN add a tonne of WYSIWYG plugins to your web site really doesn't mean you should - consider the boy racer with his wheel arches, large exhaust, massive spoiler, lowered suspension - do you take him seriously? No consider what your web site presents to your potential customers.