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Caring for your investment

Monthly Web Site Maintenance PackagesYour web site is a doorway to the world and through that door come customers eager to source your services or products. All too often web site owners leave the site dangling on the World Wide Web year after year without changing, adapting or refreshing. Eventually the site simply vanishes from search engines as new sites, fresher information and more modern technology overtakes. 

Technology is changing very fast and since we started our monthly maintenance packages we have found that sites as little as 18 months old have developed security flaws as hackers attempt to find new and ever more imaginative ways to cause problems online. That's why a monthly maintenance package can keep your investment healthy, wealthy and wise.

Each package is bespoke to your needs so contact us for further details or to arrange a quote. Here are a few of the essential services we offer:

Most companies cannot afford to hire a Webmaster - with Cirrus Web Design you have your own Webmaster ready and waiting!