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BCOS Application Planning Software System

BCOS Application Planning Software System

When MC Plan & Site Services started their business there was a range of software on the market that helped them do individual elements of their business but nothing did everything they needed so they came to Cirrus Web Design with an idea and from there the BCOS system was built.

Now in it's 4th generation (2017) the BCOS system does everything that MC PASS need to develop their planning application business. The software became so critical to their business that BCOS will soon be available commercially to other planning application businesses.

So what does it do?

In short, BCOS does everything required to manage planning application from the initial application online to handling payments, files, plans and site inspections. Take a look at the gallery for screen shots of BCOS system for more information.

If you are interested in having something like this built to manage your business contact us for a FREE and no obligation quote!

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