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Web Design

It is often said that less is more and in a world where space is becoming limited the Internet is become crammed full of tightly packed design as people struggle to get their message across in clear, simple terms. 

Web Design is all about user experience and shouldn't showcase the developer's whims by cluttering the site with effects and difficult to use, slow loading add-on annoyances. The faster a user grasps your message the more chance they will take action.

At Cirrus we abide by strict usability standards to US508 or AA accessibility guidelines to deliver fast loading, easy to use, uncluttered and well designed web sites that are mobile friendly, search engine friendly and good looking - WYSIWYG effects are only ever used when they will create real benefit!

If you see a template or a design you really like we can replicate it and add your own styling to it.

Our experienced graphic designers can deliver the full package as required from initial web design through to delivery and not just online but also in print if needed.